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Chapter 1: Off-Brand, Generic Experience

Reduce Consumer Friction

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When it comes to returns, many retailers struggle to deliver the brand experience their consumers are used to during the purchase journey. Here’s why…




Lack of Control

Despite ownership, you lack control over your returns process, which prevents you from creating meaningful, personalized brand experiences that engage and excite your customers.

Image of a Black Watch with another Image overlayed with an email inbox showing returns notifications.


Reliance on Third-Party Vendors

You’re reliant on multiple third-party vendors, such as carriers, 3PLs, and other software vendors who send your consumers inconsistent, off-brand post-purchase communications you can’t control.

Off-Brand, Generic Experience friction point image showing purple kitchen appliances with three push notifications showing returns communications from carriers.


Lost Buyer Traffic

Third-party communications typically direct buyer traffic away to a carrier or vendor site with a branded tracking skin, but without any of your brand website experience.

Image of a guitar next to a UPS webpage that explains a delayed delivery.


Multiple Systems

A lack of understanding of all possible return events that trigger communications, results in generic, diluted experiences for your consumers. High engagement touchpoints have lost brand impact.

Pink portable phone charger behind two overlayed notifications. One is an push notification for receiving a refund from one brand and the other is the retailer saying they received the return.


Empower Customers

Switch to a digital returns journey you control, embedded on your site to:

  • Recapture buyer traffic
  • Deliver consistent personalized experiences
  • Promote repeat purchases and customer loyalty
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Self-Service Returns portal that allows customers to select a return reason and describe the problem they were having.

Case Study: International Fashion Retailer

With an annual global revenue of over $20 billion, this brand increased its revenue and customer loyalty with an embedded digital returns experience.



Paper Labels

Customers used to initiate returns via paper labels included with each delivery, which were resource-intensive to print and insert. Lost paper labels required support and led to customer frustration.


Carrier Websites


Customers also registered returns via multiple carrier websites, without the retailer having any control of their experience.

A FedEx Ship webpage image that is positioned on top of an image of a box and a return label is shown to the right.


Updates From Carriers

After sending back a return, consumers received return status updates only from carriers. Across 20+ carriers in different markets, the customer experience was completely inconsistent and generic, lacking personalization and repeat purchase opportunities.

Image of a returns email communication that ended up in SPAM over an picture of cologne.


Self-Service Returns

Customers can initiate and track returns via a digital returns portal, embedded on the brand’s website. It provides a clear journey inside the retailer’s own ecosystem and enables buyer traffic to be recaptured back to their own website.




Replacing paper labels with a digital returns process is more sustainable and flexible, delivers actionable insights on frequently returned items and an ETA for returns, and also supports automation in the warehouse to significantly reduce operational costs.

An image of a phone with a confirmation screen for a customer registering a return next to an image of chelsea boots and a drop down asking for a reason for the return.


Personalized Communication

Once a return has been registered, customers receive proactive return status updates and exception notifications directly from the retailer. Localization and personalization help to deliver a consistent on-brand experience.

A picture of a black cheslea boot behind an image of a returns email notification that has a retailers branded and has targeted items that fit the consumers specifications.

Business Impact


Higher Average Order Value

from returns journey traffic, compared to outbound email


Increased Net Retention Rate

for customers that register returns via the branded, embedded experience



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Digital Returns Portal

Front-end digital experience easily embedded on your site by JavaScript snippet.

Track & Communicate

Deliver end-to-end post-purchase communication with personalized emails and an embedded returns status page.

Unmatched Personalization Capabilities

Drive web traffic and repeat purchases with hyper-relevant content to engage your customers.

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Custom Eligibility Rules

Reduce invalid and uneconomical returns by setting custom eligibility rules and return/repair reasons that reinforce policies.

Order API Connection

Ensure best-practice data access with no compromise on data privacy.

Split Shipments

Multi-Label & Split Returns

Handle complex multi-item returns requiring more than one label, returning to one or more locations.

Comprehensive RMA Sharing

Reduce manual warehouse processing and enable further automation.

Confirmation Page Survey

Collect customer rating and reviews on the confirmation page.

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