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Chapter 5: Complex, Manual Process

Reduce Consumer Friction

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Complex, Manual Process Header image with woman staring at phone next to a delivery notification email that includes how to register a return if needed.

parcelLab Returns Study Found...

of customers are unlikely to reengage with a brand after a poor returns experience

of shoppers are influenced by a brand's return policy

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Returns are a key area that exposes a retailer’s manual, cost-prohibitive process. This can create a confusing customer experience and make it difficult to retain revenue. Here’s why…




Confusing Return Policies

A brand’s return policy greatly impacts whether shoppers purchase an item. When a policy is hard to find, difficult to understand, or presents numerous limitations, retailers make it hard to gain and retain revenue.

A wrist watch that has an image of a restrictive returns policy over it.


Complex Processes

When returning an item, you may require customers to share documents, create multiple labels, or figure out split returns. The more challenging and timeconsuming your returns process is, the higher the probability that a customer will reach out to customer service and increase costs.

A blue ice pack and a return portal that will not process a return due to the image provided.


Limited Options

Providing customers with only one option, such as contacting customer service to register and track returns, prevents them from having any ownership over the process. This only leads to customer frustration as well as operational complexity and cost.

A blender with an overlayed image of a customer service hotline number and availability hours.


Empower Consumers

Transform your returns process and improve the customer journey with a returns management solution that includes intuitive digital processes to:?

  • Simplify multi-item returns requiring more than one label
  • Enable customers to register and track returns at their convenience
  • Design personalized return journeys based on customer and other data segments
  • Show bespoke return reasons for different product categories
  • Manage return methods based on warehouse/store location
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Options to select a return method such as a UPS drop off or return to store.

Case Study: Outdoor Recreational Products Retailer

With an annual global revenue of over $1 billion, this brand is simplifying their returns process while boosting customer loyalty.


Poor Split Shipment Experience

The brand’s tracking page lacked clarity when it came to displaying split shipments. Each click changed the layout of the page and then another split shipment would populate, leaving customers confused and unable to see an immediate clear summary of shipments.?

Register Your Return page that only allows one label per order for a red insulated lunch bag.


Single-Label Process

Customers looking to return more than one item from their purchase were?stuck with a single label. This meant that returned products were coming back damaged due to customers being forced to fit items oddly in a box because of one label.?

A Returns Label next to a dark green camping chair.


Flexible and Simple Returns

This retailer was able to leverage pre-built templates for shipments, multi-label and custom business order experiences, and flexible data attributes to create an intuitive digital process for their customers. They improved the returns experience for both the consumer and the retailer while recovering revenue that would be lost to damaged products. ?

Register your return portal with easy exchange of a coffee tumbler.

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returns flow

Digital Returns Portal

Front-end digital experience easily embedded on your site by JavaScript snippet.

Multi-Label & Split Returns

Handle complex multi-item returns requiring more than one label, returning to one or more locations.

Low Latency API

Returns Flow

Configure return eligibility, reasons, methods, images to be uploaded, and more.

Unlimited Emails

Customs Documents

Enable seamless cross-border returns by generating required customs documents

Custom Eligibility Rules

Reduce invalid and uneconomical returns by setting custom eligibility rules and return/repair reasons that reinforce policies.

Track & Communicate

Deliver end-to-end post-purchase communication with personalized emails and an embedded returns status page.

Unmatched Personalization Capabilities

Drive web traffic and repeat purchases with hyper-relevant content to engage your customers.

Order API Connection

Ensure best-practice data access with no compromise on data privacy.

Comprehensive RMA Sharing

Reduce manual warehouse processing and enable further automation.

Confirmation Page Survey

Collect customer rating and reviews on the confirmation page.

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