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Chapter 6: Complex Eligibility Requirements

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Return Policy with eligibility requirements.

As a retailer, you know managing eligibility requirements for returns can be difficult, especially when you have complex processes in place. Here’s why…




Non-Returnable Items and Exceptions

In certain industries, there are items that you can’t return which can range from perishable products to mattresses to final sale items. While it would be great to end there, your brand may have exceptions to some of these and that adds an additional layer of complexity.

Final Sale Non-Returnable Milano Coat


Return Periods and Eligibility Criteria

In your returns policy, you may have items that are only allowed to be returned in a certain number of days. For example, a mattress may have a 100-day test period whereas a pillow has a 30-day return period. There also could be items, like electronics, that cannot be returned if they are opened. Dealing with these rules manually can take a lot of unnecessary time and prevent returns from being processed faster.

Mattress with a 100-day return period


Products with Bundled-SKUs

Bundled items are great for cross-selling and upselling, but what about when a customer wants to return one item in a bundle and not the other? Unless this is properly documented in your return policy and your customer service agents know how to handle it, this often creates an influx of calls and leads to customer frustration.

Products with Bundled SKUs - Lipstick and Lip Pencil bundle


Returns Reasoning

Setting up triggers for different return reasons to create personalized returns experiences that guide customers through the process can be challenging. Without an intuitive, self-guided returns flow, shoppers are forced to reach out to customer service to complete their return, driving up contact volume and costs.

Invalid return reason


Empower Your Team

Simplify the way you handle returns by leveraging a flexible and intuitive returns portal that enables you to:

  • Create customized returns flows
  • Deliver consistent experiences
  • Personalize by customer segment, product, region, etc.
  • Recapture revenue
  • Boost brand loyalty
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Retailers have the ability to toggle on or off return reasoning for a clothing item.

Case Study: Household Appliance Retailer

With an annual global revenue of over $7 billion, this brand is simplifying the way they handle returns and recovering revenue.??




Managing Accessory Products

This retailer sells products that are accompanied by many accessories. They struggled with making sure their returns flow ensured the “hero” product was returned with the extra items it came with, resulting in a loss in revenue.

Missing accessory from a return that was processed


Complex Discounting Patterns

When shoppers bought products that qualify for discounts, the process for returns was very confusing. The discounts mandated that individual products cannot be returned alone which led to customer frustration.

Chat bot that recommends calling customer support for a return.


Frictionless Returns Experience

This brand was able to transform the way they manage returns with the help of a digital returns portal with flexible rules that allow them to configure returns:

  • Eligibility
  • Reasons
  • Methods
  • Images to be uploaded
  • And more!
Return portal with the ability to select return reasoning and describe the reason for the return.

Create Frictionless Returns Experiences With parcelLab

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returns flow

Digital Returns Portal

Front-end digital experience easily embedded on your site by JavaScript snippet.

Ticketing Tool Integrations

Returns Flow

Configure return eligibility, reasons, methods, images to be uploaded, and more.

Custom eligibility icon

Custom Eligibility Rules

Reduce invalid and uneconomical returns by setting custom eligibility rules and return/repair reasons that reinforce policies.

Track & Communicate

Deliver end-to-end post-purchase communication with personalized emails and an embedded returns status page.

Unmatched Personalization Capabilities

Drive web traffic and repeat purchases with hyper-relevant content to engage your customers.

Multi-Label & Split Returns

Handle complex multi-item returns requiring more than one label, returning to one or more locations.

Order API Connection

Ensure best-practice data access with no compromise on data privacy.

Comprehensive RMA Sharing

Reduce manual warehouse processing and enable further automation.

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