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Shipping study 2023

How do the top 100 German online retailers enhance the order processing experience for their customers?

Versandhandelsstudie 2023 von parcelLab

Study content

Since 2018, the “Shipping Study” has stood as a trusted guide to post-purchase customer experiences in digital commerce, highlighting the shifting focus of retailers towards optimizing post-purchase interactions, especially in shipping communication and returns.


The recent “Mail Order Study 2023” has broadened its scope, introducing an entire section dedicated to customer service. This new addition underscores the essentiality of prompt and efficient customer support. The study dives deep into the accessibility and responsiveness of Germany’s top 100 retailers. It encompasses:

  • A thorough assessment of 100 test orders to gain insights into the shipping and returns journey.
  • An in-depth analysis of customer service metrics, emphasizing accessibility and the swiftness of responses to customer queries.
  • A compilation of best practices, pinpointing successful strategies and potential areas of enhancement.

Extract of the Key Findings

44,9% of the premier 100 retailers incorporate shipping charges.

51% directly use their logistics provider's tracking link.

2:33 minutes tick by as customers anticipate assistance.