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How do you tackle WISMO calls?

A retailer's guide to reducing WISMO customer service enquiries during deliveries.

In this guide, we investigate how delivering?proactive communication?throughout delivery can significantly?reduce customer inquiries, including ‘Where is my order’ (WISMO) calls.

Find the latest research and analysis with expert tips to get you started.

Take a look inside:

Why is reducing inquiries important?

Customer inquiries are expensive and timely. In order to tackle this issue, brands need to understand what makes their customers call in. What information are they not conveying?

What makes a customer call in?

A customer calls because they have a question or concern. In other words, the brand is not communicating well enough. This needs to be improved to achieve loyal customers.

Six simple tips for getting started

We’ve combined our research and our expert knowledge to create six clear, actionable tips for driving down your customer enquiry rate.