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Gen Z and Millennial Shopping Insights Study

Go behind the scenes with today’s Gen Z and Millennial Shoppers to uncover what drives their purchasing decisions - and their loyalty. Uncover the ‘why’ that motivates these generations and learn how to win them!

Gen Z and Millennials are a key target group for brands. These generations have distinct?preferences and values that fuel their shopping habits. To earn and keep their loyalty, brands must know and remove pain points in their shopping journey.

Go behind the scenes with our exclusive consumer study to learn actionable insights and opportunities to win their loyalty.

Key Findings:

  • Over a third of Gen Z and Millennials don’t want to order from brands that ask shoppers to pay for returns

  • Paypal is the number 1 payment option preferred for 51% of Millennial and 40% Gen Z

  • 21% of Gen Z and 16% of Millennials value sustainability and are more willing to try new products if companies demonstrate sustainability efforts