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D2C returns study 2023

What return experiences classic brands and young D2C brands offer their customers.

Content of the study

One in four parcels in online retailing is returned, according to a study by the University of Bamberg. This makes Germany the European champion in returns. However, customers in Germany who order directly from brand manufacturers or D2C brands and then discover that the delivered goods do not meet their expectations can sometimes expect a lot of frustration when returning goods.

  • Evaluation of 100 test orders at D2C & corporate online stores to analyze the shipping & returns experience.
  • What can corporate brands do that D2C brands can’t yet?
  • Best practices – merchants that we liked very much in the test as inspiration for other providers

Corporate brands perform better here

82% of corporate brands let customers return goods free of charge

24% of corporate brands include a return label

53% of corporate brands refund orders within 7 days

Here D2C Brands are the front runners for returns

64% of D2C brands query return reasons

Only 12% of D2C brands specify a no-reply address as sender

66% of D2C brands inform their customers about their reimbursement