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D2C Post-Purchase Experience? Study 2023?

An analysis of 50 well-known D2C and corporate brands in Germany.

Study summary

Since 2018, we have been analyzing the post-purchase experience of online stores annually using the same approach: We order from 100 stores and evaluate how shipping, shipping communication, delivery, and returns processing was handled.


Our post-purchase survey analyzes 50 D2C brands and 50 corporate brands in order to compare their strengths and weaknesses. Are Direct to Consumer brands really ahead of traditional brands in terms of customer experience? And what can corporate brands do where D2C brands still have potential for optimization?


  • 100 test orders at D2C & corporate online stores to analyze shipping, delivery as well as returns
  • Segmentation into delivery services, shipping costs, delivery punctuality, shipping communication, packaging & returns
  • Breakdown of what we didn’t like so much and what we loved

Where corporate brands perform better than Direct to Consumer brands

82% of corporate brands take back returns free of charge

46% of corporate brands deliver within 2 days

80% of corporate brands provide a delivery forecast in the shopping cart

Where D2C brands perform better than corporate brands

25% of D2C brands offer sustainable delivery options

60% of D2C brands use sustainable parcel packaging

60% of D2C brands use sustainable parcel packaging