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Why prioritizing customer retention during peak 2022 is vital for business success

The importance of customer retention strategies during peak season and tips on how to implement them successfully

The evolution of the peak holiday shopping season over the past few years has been fascinating to watch. Influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic, increasing adoption of online shopping and supply chain issues, it has become the most important event in many retailers and brands strategic calendars.


But are retailers utilizing this holiday to create loyal customers? Are they seeing it as a key event when creating their customer retention strategies? The following whitepaper will take a look back at recent peak seasons, make 2022 predictions and offer tips for best-in-class customer retention and loyalty strategies.


This guide sheds light on:

  • Some predictions about 2022 Golden Quarter from our experts
  • The reasons why customer retention and loyalty are vital for business success this peak season
  • Tips for best-in-class customer retention and loyalty strategies