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Consumer Home Delivery Review 2020/21

See how the pandemic affected the way UK customers feel about home delivery.

Published by?IMRG?and sponsored by parcelLab, the Consumer Home Delivery Review is based on data from 1,000 UK respondents.

It’s an interesting year to publish the report, with the data compiled in August 2020. The pandemic has changed the way we shop online dramatically and there’s no doubt this will have influenced the findings. “Contactless delivery” is a buzzword never mentioned prior to 2020, and customers came to expect delays.

Now in its 12th year, IMRG’s research provides a?useful barometer of customer sentiment and satisfaction?when shopping online in the UK.

The results are helpful for shaping e-commerce strategies. However, it remains important to remember that just because a customer says they will behave in a certain way, does not mean they actually will.

Some key findings:

of shoppers want delivery updates

of consumers are satisfied with returns

want to receive a time window on the morning of delivery