I confess I’m a little slow when it comes to pop culture…. but this is something else!  Apparently, back in 2013, 1. 3 million viewers in Norway (that’s about a quarter of the population) tuned into a 13 hour program that chronicles in more or less real time the knitting process, a program that was part of a broadcast movement called Slow TV.

The idea brings to mind something of the slow films of Andy Warhol or As Slow as Possible by John Cage though this television movement has apparently tapped into the popular zeitgeist (at least in Norway) while the Warhol and Cage projects perhaps remain a bit conceptual even granting their sensory pleasures.

Here’s a little more about the marriage of Slow TV and knitting:

You can watch a bit of the regular program that spun off from the original marathon broadcast here.

Some years ago I enjoyed the company of other knitters in a couple of knit circles. Alas, both groups have since dispersed. Since then,  I sometimes binge watch a television program while I’m knitting in the evening. Maybe Slow Knit TV is the best of both worlds.

Or not.


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