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Improve Shipping Logistics and Supply Chain with Post Purchase

Enhance delivery experience with better logistics performance insights

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Benefits for logistics & supply chain


Make better order delivery promises

Increase checkout conversions and set reliable expectations with data-driven estimated package delivery times.

Trigger Builder

Enhanced delivery experience

Map your post-purchase journeys. Create personalized communications to keep customers engaged at each step from order through returns.

Reduce the impact of last mile issues

Weather problems, lost packages, damaged shipments – don’t let experiences that are out of your control impact your brand image. Create unique recovery communications.

Better address fringe cases

With endless trigger options you can deliver the feeling of individualized experiences at scale.

All the post-purchase tools you need for


Supply chain diversity improves business resilience but adds complexity to your post-purchase communications. parcelLab offers the flexibility to connect multiple systems, carriers, and data sources.

– Deliver a consistent experience regardless of where items ship from or who delivers them.

– Display multi-parcel orders (or split shipments) in customer emails and on order tracking pages.

– Segment customers based on their current experience – whether they got an order on time or returned it – adjust content and communications flows to fit.

– Create custom communication flows with special incentives to recover from any missed delivery promises that are out of your control.


Improve your post-purchase customer experience with shipping process transparency. Break down your perfect order delivery rate and understand where you fall short of promises.

– Connect your logistics systems and post-purchase platform data for a 360-degree view of order to return performance accessible all in one place.

– Use your own real-world delivery rate data to improve future customer delivery date promises.

– Compare carrier performance across regions or dive into a local detail.

– Collect and analyze returns data quicker so you can understand why customers are returning and find solutions

– Better forecast daily return volumes and reduce warehouse processing time with more data on each package.


Build meaningful customer experiences around operational moments that turn logistics from a cost center to a value driver.

– Keep customers informed as items go from production to packing, not just on carrier scan, for more immediate updates after purchase.

– Monitor against your delivery promise and predict shipments that are at risk. Go beyond transactional emails with proactive customer communications that build trust.

– Reduce the risk of failed deliveries with critical delivery window updates shared across channels – email, SMS, website, and app push notifications.


Significantly reduce return rates while delivering an experience that build trust, strengthens your customer relationships, and drives loyalty.

– Make digital returns easy, convenient, and transparent for customers.

– Customize return rules and reasons to reinforce your policy and reduce invalid and uneconomical returns

– Improve inventory turnover and get returns in hand faster with proactive reminders.

– Make returns more sustainable with buy online return to store, and no box/no label drop-off options.

– Optimize returns with better insight into when deliveries will arrive to your warehouse, and the included items and reasons for return.

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Improve Logistics & Supply Chain with a Post Purchase Solution

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