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Get more conversions with better order delivery date estimates

Remove package delivery time uncertainty. Reduce customer service costs. Recover from missed promises.

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Fill more carts with delivery date forecasts

Start showing your shoppers a delivery promise on product pages to build trust and reduce uncertainty over delivery times. Showing shipping speed (e.g. 3-7 days) is far less effective. Adding an estimated time of arrival is a super simple way to encourage customers to start a cart.

Decrease cart abandonment rates

Increase checkout conversions and reduce cart abandonment with data-driven estimated package delivery times. Have multiple delivery options? Display unique dates for each carrier with a machine learning model and unique algorithm that accounts for delivery methods, carrier service levels, holidays, past performance, and trending data.

Reduce customer service costs

The parcelLab delivery date promise is based on the full package journey – order to door. A poor estimate can lead to a bad customer experience so it’s critical to calculate datapoints from article origin to warehouse or store operating hours to processing and handling times and carrier pick-up windows. You can generate higher satisfaction and further reduce “Where is my order” services calls with a data driven forecast combined with proactive status notifications.

Recover from delays & missed delivery promises

Even with the best intentions, things don’t always go to plan. Prepare for these moments and save valuable customers from bad experiences that lead to churn. Monitor production, processing, packaging, pickup and delivery steps so you’ll know right away if a delivery promise is at risk. Create special communications flows to keep customers informed of progress and offer incentives like free shipping on next order if promises are missed. Build confidence to keep customers coming back.

Feel confident in your customer delivery promises.

Trigger Builder

Auto Detect Location

If no address is available when viewing product pages, location detection will be used to display estimates for the region.


Machine Learning

Constantly updates estimated package delivery time based on real-world trending and patterns across brands and carriers.

Audience Builder

App Support

Display delivery date promises in your app with a simple API.

Adjustable Attributes

Set and update attributes like holidays, warehouse operational hours, packing or courier pickup times.

Machine Learning Algorithm

Global Complexity

Considers your distribution setup, item origin, customs timeframe, and multiple carrier requirements for better package delivery predictions.

Order to door

Get a forecast that accounts for order to door, not just carrier commitments.

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