Exklusive Einblicke in die Kundenservices der Top-100-Online-Shops in Deutschland

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German E-Commerce Shipping Study 2021

Download the E-Commerce Shipping Study 2021 and get valuable insights and tips for mail order retailers.

In this study, we tested and analyzed the shipping experience of Germany’s 100 largest retailers (basis: EHI study).

From October up to and including December 2020, we placed test orders with the 100 largest German retailers and closely examined their ordering, shipping, delivery, and returns processes. To make the orders as comparable as possible, we used predefined rules for evaluating the individual order processes and drew on our experience from previous studies such as the E-Commerce Shipping Study 2020.

Of course, all orders were placed without the knowledge of the retailers and delivered to a central address in Munich in order to represent the customer experience as realistically as possible. Our analysis focused predominantly on checkout, delivery and returns.

We wanted to find out how they perform in terms of operations experience, i.e. after the click on the buy button. The result is a study with detailed insights and valuable tips for mail order companies.

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do not let their customer choose the logistics provider themselves