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Your store with parcelLab, Part I: The Integration


Published on: March 28, 2017

Updated: November 7, 2023

As part of our series Your Shop?with parcelLab, we would like to show exactly how the use of our services looks – from integration, to features, to the individual benefits and results of a cooperation.

Part I: The Integration

The first part of our series looks at the details of the integration of our service: What exactly does the data transfer look like? How much effort does it mean for the retailer? What technical requirements are necessary? We know how overwhelming the first steps can look. But the technical integration is not only easier, but also many times faster than perhaps initially assumed.

What data do we need?

So what exactly do we need for integration? What data do retailers need to provide, and what can be provided as a supplement? Basically, to enable collaboration, a fairly small amount of data is required. Only the shipment number, name, e-mail address, postal code and destination country are mandatory. Other data is optional, but enriches the data record, for example order or item numbers. We receive the status updates on the shipment progress directly from the logistics service provider, so the retailer does not have to do anything here either.


Data transmission via BCC e-mail of shipment confirmation

What are the data transmission options?

There are three ways to transfer the data:

  1. BCC email of the shipping confirmation
  2. CSV upload to a server
  3. Restful API

All three methods involve little effort on the part of the merchant, with simply adding them to the BCC line of the shipping confirmation being probably the simplest option. Nevertheless, all three options offer advantages, including in terms of the data we can access and resulting detail variety of our offer.

Simple data transmission with parcelLabs Intelligent Data Layer

Numerous stores trust parcelLab

Many of the largest online retailers in Germany already trust parcelLab, for example Tchibo, Chal-Tec , Cyberport, or HS-Fachmarkt. You can read about the advantages of working with us directly from the retailer’s point of view: Click here to read the success stories of fashionette and Chal-Tec.

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